Build a Dedicated Space to Keep Track of Everything in Your Life

Have you tried to set up a second brain in Mem, but haven't figured out how?

  • Do you a MASSIVE library of knowledge scattered across hundreds of folders and productivity tools that you wish you could access in Mem?
  • Struggling to tag and link your memes so you can find and use them more easily in the future?
  • Do you love the idea of PARA, but wonder how to organize projects, areas, resources, and archives in a self-organizing workspace like Mem?

If so, you're not alone. Mem is powerful, but has a steep learning curve

Why You've Struglled to Build a Second Brain in Mem

The counterintuitive nature of networked thinking makes building a second brain in Mem different than building a second brain in other note-taking apps like Evernote and Notion.

If you're like most people, you've spent your entire life using linear organizational systems for non-linear processes (i.e. folders, subfolders, projects, tasks, and subtasks). Although most people organize their digital lives this way, the main cause of inefficient knowledge work is how we organize information, and poor organizational habits are a bottleneck to execution.

I'm Srini Rao, host and founder of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast and the author of the Wall Street Journal Best-seller The Art of Being Unmistakable. In the past 10 years, I've produced over 1000 podcast episodes, published four books, launched dozens of creative projects, and raised a round of venture funding.

Between being the CEO of a company, hosting a podcast and youtube channel, reading over 100 books a year, and collaborating with partners on multiple creative projects, the volume of information I have to process and synthesize every week is substantial. On top of that, I have ADHD, so I'm more prone to distractions than the average person.

I've tried DOZENS of different solutions to manage my workflow over the past ten years. Whether it's a book or app that will help you increase your productivity, chances are I've read the book or used the app. Mem has made it possible to combine the best productivity strategies from over 1000 books and 1000 interviews with successful people. Projects that used to take a month now take less than a week.

Build a Second Brain in 1 Hour

Turn Knowledge into Action

Organize information the way you think

Retrieve knowledge without friction

Gather all resources for a project in one place

How it Works

The Building a Second Brain in an hour session is designed to help you accelerate this process so you can use your content instead of collecting and hoarding it, build your body of knowledge, and be able to share it in a cohesive way that other people can understand. By the end of our session, you'll have a second brain in Mem with following setup and ready to use.

5 Projects

7 Areas of Responsibility

9 Resource Types

Custom Templates

You'll also have a framework that you can keep using as your second brain grows.

What Former Maximize Your Output Students Say

We struggled for a long time. For years we tried to send a monthly email newsletter that actually had something to offer. We wanted it to be something that people would actually want to read. This year we've managed to do it almost every month.

Kris Pertulla


I've started writing blog posts again after not writing for about two or three years. I'm just able to see what I'm communicating with here and work with that information and that knowledge, which is priceless.

Natalie Collins

Business Coach

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