Maximum Output with Mem

Get more organized, keep track of your ideas, manage your tasks and retrieve knowledge and information with just one click.

Get More Organized

Using dozens of apps and tools to get your work done is one of the biggest sources of distraction. Learn how to keep everything in one place where you can file and easily retrieve your thoughts and ideas. 

Manage Your Tasks

Keep track of your to-do list. Learn how to  create workflows that streamline the process of completing tasks for all your projects. 

Keep Track of Your Ideas and Remember What You Learn

Remember what you learn from books, podcasts, online courses, and more. Turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. 

What  You'll Learn

An Introduction to Networked Thought

Networked thinking allows you to intuitively make connections between your ideas and develop new ideas. With the power of bidirectional links, you can keep track of your ideas, capture Insight without taking immediate action. Once you understand the principles of networked thought There's no Such Thing as Writer's Block, you will exponentially increase your ability to create new knowledge. 

Capture Ideas and Taking Notes

Take notes without getting distracted, avoid context switching as you work, and create a database of notes that grows in value with each note you add. Learn how to use all of Mem's features to turn your Mem database into an idea factory.

Building a Second Brain in Mem

The way you organize information has a MASSIVE impact on your productivity. When information, tasks, and files are all in different places, it's hard to focus on your most important activities. Learn how to build a second brain with Tiago Forte's PARA method so you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Writing, Creating, and Project Management in Mem

Nicholas Luhmann wrote 58 books, published 500 articles, and earned a PhD in one year. The Zettelkasten made him "one of the most productive and revered social scientists of the 20th century.

You'll learn how to take smart notes using the Zettelkasten method, build a database of notes that you can use for blog posts, articles, and projects, resulting in an exponential increase in your output with less time and effort.

12 Video Modules

The 5 Principles of Networked Thought

How to Use the Daily Mem

Capturing Ideas and Tasks with Mem Spotlight

How to use Tags and Bidirectional Links

How to Take Book Notes with Mem

Using Templates and Flows

Building a Second Brain in Mem

The Zettelkasten Method 

Writing and Content Creation in Mem

Bonus Webinar: Progressive Summarization With Tiago Forte

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