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Do You Feel Like You Collect Knowledge That You Can Never Find or Use?

  • Do you spend more time managing the systems that manage your information than using it?
  • Is the knowledge you need scattered across bookmarks, Slack messages, note-taking apps, folders, and inboxes?
  • Are you wasting countless hours searching through notebooks, emails, text messages, browser tabs, folders, note-taking tools, and task management apps because you need to use different tools to manage different types of information?
  • Do you bookmark articles, download ebooks, highlight passages and save notes from podcasts, courses, and meetings that you can never find or use?

Moving the information you need to do your job from one place to another, managing multiple inboxes, text messages, open browser tabs, social media, productivity apps, folders, and the deluge of information coming at you can make you feel like you are playing whack-a-mole for 24 hours without getting anything done. Managing the systems that handle your information can become a project unto itself.

The systems that manage your information should increase your productivity, and stimulate your creativity. However, when managing these systems becomes a part-time job , they do the opposite.

Why productivity apps haven't solved your problems

Productivity apps and "life hacks" address symptoms, but none address the root cause.

How you organize the information you need to do your MOST IMPORTANT work

  • Digital distraction blockers prevent you from checking your email 100 times a day, scrolling through social media, or visiting a distracting website 100 times a day. But if the information you need to complete a task is in your inbox, distraction blockers paradoxically make you less productive.

  • Time management hacks like the Pomodoro method don't prevent you from using multiple tools to complete a simple task.

  • Folders are like digital cabinets that you need to constantly organize and maintain. And if you want to find a file again, you need to remember where you saved it.

I'm Srini Rao, host and founder of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast and the author of the Wall Street Journal Best-seller The Art of Being Unmistakable. In the past 10 years, I've produced over 1000 podcast episodes, published four books, launched dozens of creative projects, and raised a round of venture funding.

Between being the CEO of a company, hosting a podcast and youtube channel, reading over 100 books a year, and collaborating with partners on multiple creative projects, the volume of information I have to process and synthesize every week is substantial. On top of that, I have ADHD, so I'm more prone to distractions than the average person.

I've tried DOZENS of different solutions to manage my workflow over the past ten years. Whether it's a book or app that will help you increase your productivity, chances are I've read the book or used the app. Mem has made it possible to combine the best productivity strategies from over 1000 books and 1000 interviews with successful people. Projects that used to take a month now take less than a week.

What Former Maximize Your Output Students Say

Kris Perttulla


Frederic Bahnson

Surgeon, Author Better Than Destiny

"What previously took 15 keystrokes now takes 5"

I'm a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, and I need to manage a lot of processes and details throughout my day. My huge frustration was the amount of overhead to do basic things -- reaching out to investors and press, managing meeting notes, and even browsing the web without getting overwhelmed with tabs. Srini helped me upgrade my workflow so that what previously took 15 keystrokes now takes 5. And the savings across my day are making a big difference - I feel like I can breathe more freely now. Thanks, Srini!

Chetan Nandakumar


Srini's passion & patience has been key in learning how to make Mem part of my professional life. I was a bit intimidated, since I'm not really a 'tech guy'. But his persistence...and mine is paying off !

Michael Friedman

Srini not only provided a simple and easy to follow modules on various Mem functions, but also provided a wealth of knowledge on how Mem can be used for knowledge management and knowledge generation. As I followed Srini's course and started to create Mems, and connect them with tags and bidirectional links, I felt the power of Mem to generate new ideas from the existing connections between Mems. I especially enjoyed how Srini introduced knowledge management methods from other thought leaders and demonstrated how he applies these methods with Mem. The examples are easy to understand and implement. Srini has provided many references in the modules- you can study each of the concepts further by checking out the references. A template library is also available to start new Mems or create your own templates.

Ying Zhou

Executive Director at The City University of New York

Your videos helped me use Mem better and gave me the courage to apply for the Customer Success position.

Your videos helped me use Mem better and gave me the courage to apply for the Customer Success position. I felt like I knew enough and whatever else I could conquer with my passion for the app.

Maile Pedersen

Customer Success Manager, Mem

Srini helped me look at mem in a new way and rethink the way organizing my workspace. with the advice he gave me I'll be save hours/days/weeks of time.

I have been using mem for quite some time, since the fairly early days, but Srini helped me look at mem in a new way and rethink the way I'm tagging and organizing my workspace. I'm sure with the advice he gave me I'll be able to not only save hours/days/weeks of time but will also get much more value out of my notes. As a NetSuite implementation and management consultant, my notes and knowledge are the lifeblood of the work I do for my clients, so improvements to my note-taking and knowledge management have tremendous value."

Mike Martin


Find Exactly What You Need When You Need It

Since Mem doesn't use folders, you NEVER have to remember where you saved something. You'll see every note you've captured in chronological order. You know exactly where everything is, find it in seconds, and pick up where you left off without worrying about where you saved something. You've a self-organizing system that lets you file everything that crosses your mind at ONE PLACE.

Organize Knowledge the Way You Think

Capture ideas as they come to mind, recall knowledge without friction, and build nonlinear associative knowledge networks that allow you to create at the speed of thought

Create More Conent With Less Effort and Time

With all your notes and important resources just a click away, you can research topics, pull up all the relevant information you've already come across, use your notes to write more, write faster, and structure your workflow so all the right pieces show up when you need to work on a project or create something.

You'll have a treasure chest of interconnected notes, knowledge building blocks, and knowledge assets that you can use to write the first draft of a 1000-word article, a term paper, an email newsletter, a press release for a sales page, a book you've always wanted to write, or any other creative project. What used to take you hours will takes minutes.

Plan, Prioritze and Achieve your Goals

Access your tasks, knowledge, and ideas without constantly switching back and forth between your personal projects. The more often you have to switch between communication channels, apps and tools, the longer it takes to complete a task. But when you have everything you need right at your fingertips, you spend less time managing your workflow and more time getting work done.


The knowledge generation course for coaches, consultants, content creators, and small business owners who want to access and use their knowledge to create content, build a body of work, and grow their business.

Networked Thought

Getting Started with Mem

Capturing Information in Mem

Integrating Other Tools

How to Use Tags and Links

How to Build a Second Brain in Mem

Creating Templates in Mem

Managing Tasks and Projects in Mem

How to Take Smart Notes in Mem


Self Paced


10 Video Modules

Mem Template Library: for capturing notes, managing projects, writing articles and building a second brain

Templates to Automate Repetitive Tasks




10 Video Modules

Mem Template Library: for capturing notes, managing projects, writing articles and building a second brain

Templates to Automate Repetitive Tasks

2 Live Q&A Sessions


Second Brain in 1-Hour


All Course Material

Custom Template Library

3 Custom Automations

2 30-Minute Coaching Calls

Done for You Second Brain

Bonus #1: Progressive Summarization Webinar

In this webinar with Tiago Forte, you'll learn exactly how to use Progressive Summarization, which he says "helps you focus on the content and the presentation of your notes, instead of spending too much time on labeling, tagging, linking, or other advanced features offered by many information management tools. It gives you a practical, easy thing to do that adds value even when you don't have the energy for more challenging tasks. Most importantly, it keeps your attention on the substance of what you're reading or learning, which is what matters in the long term.

The progressive summarization technique it easier to synthesize knowledge and use your notes for creative projects, writing articles, and much more.

Bonus #2: Mem Essentials

Mem essentials is my course for beginners that will show you how to sign up for Mem, use all the basic features, and create your first Mem so you can spend less time learning the product and more time applying your knowledge

The progressve summarization technique it easier to synthesize knowledge and use your esr creative projects, writing articles, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not very technical, will this work for me?

As with any new tool or skill you develop, there's a learning curve. You'll have to put in some work. The students who've achieved the best results are the ones who've completed the course. The goal of Maximize Your Output is to help you simplify your digital life, not make it more difficult.

So you should do just fine. If you've any concerns, email me at

Who should take the course?

In our experience, the people who get the most value from Maximize your output are coaches, consultants, writers and small business owners you have large libraries of knowledge that they want to be able to access and use to create content. We recommend having some sort of project you want to complete to get the most out of the course.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. When you click on the "Buy" button, you will be redirected to an order form where you will have the option to pay in 3 installments (not available for Done for Your Second Brain)

How long will this course take?

The course modules will take 10-15 minutes each. Theoretically, you could complete all the modules in less than ten days. But if you don't implement the ideas in the course, you won't reap the benefits of Mem. I recommend taking 20 minutes a day to implement the ideas.

What does the done for you second brain include?

I'll work with you to conduct a workflow audit to understand your current workflow for managing projects and tasks. Together, we'll identify the bottlenecks causing you to waste time. Your done for you second brain includes all the modules in Maximize Your Output, and a second brain in Mem that's ready to use with following:

• 5 Projects

• 7 Areas of Responsibility

• 9 Key Resources

• Custom project templates

You'll also have a framework that you can keep using once as your second brain grows.

What's the refund policy?

With the self-paced version, you can try the course for 30 days and we'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked. If you sign up for Maximize Your Output Live and find out before the course starts that it's not for you, we'll refund 85% of the purchase price. There are no refunds after the first live session. Refund requests must be received in writing at

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